Guest services


Concierge services
  • Restaurant reservations
  • Wheelchair rental
  • Baby stroller rental
  • Motorised power shopper rental
  • Event ticketing information
  • Charity gift wrapping
  • Wi-Fi availability list
Community services
  • Money changer on Lower Ground
  • Online community jobs board
  • Places of interest
  • Sustainable living advice
  • Early morning centre walking group
  • Tai Chi group exercise
  • Sustainability tours
  • Disabled access tours
Family services
  • Dedicated family parking
  • Parent's rooms with private nursing cubicles,
    hot and cold water dispensers,
    baby changing stations and children's restrooms
Disabled Facilities
  • Dedicated disabled parking
  • Disabled restrooms
  • Disabled access to all mall entry points
  • Bus timetables
  • Taxi information and booking