Children’s day out at construction site


Setia City Mall, currently under construction and due to open next year, recently invited the children of its project team to tour the up and coming mall as part of Family Day.

A unique educational experience for all involved, Family Day provided the children with the exciting opportunity to walk around a specially sealed off section of the construction site, whilst learning about safety and helping the environment. Commenting on the Family Day event, Suresh Thambyiah, Project Director, Lend Lease Projects (M) Sdn Bhd (formerly known as WTW Bovis Sdn Bhd), said: “We organise family day every year as it promotes family unity and good work life balance. It’s also a really fun and educational day for our children. Coming to work with their parents is a really unique experience, especially when it involves the excitement of a construction site.”

Supported by the safety team, the children were given a short description of what goes on at a construction site and what the various jobs that need doing are. On the site walk, children learned things like what the ceilings made of, how escalators and travelators are installed and what a shopping mall looks like before all the shops have arrived.

The children, aged between 6 and 15, were also introduced to the importance of safety in the workplace, with one child randomly picked to help demonstrate the safety clothing required for building works. After the site visit, the children were brought for a short tour of the project office and were introduced to what their parent’s did daily at work. Cartoon characters such as Bob the Builder were used to describe their parent’s occupations, making it easier for the children to understand. 

Finally, the kids were divided into teams and told to build their own shopping mall out of different sized recycled cardboard boxes, thus enhancing their knowledge of sustainability and teamwork.