Setia City Mall welcomes first shoppers


Despite still being under construction, Setia City Mall has given a few lucky shoppers the opportunity to explore the new mall. As winners of a competition run exclusively on Facebook, a handful of local residents were invited to mingle with the construction team on site and explore the mall as it’s being built. Some highlights of the tour included a trip to Urbanfresh supermarket, a stroll through Parkson and a spectacular view of the town park from Level 1.

To enter the competition, friends of Setia City Mall on Facebook were invited to submit in 50 words or less why they are looking forward to the opening of the mall. The winners were chosen based on the individuality of the entry, as voted by the development team.

In addition to pointing out where certain shops are to be located, the winners were given an inside look at the various construction techniques being used on site, as well an overview of the various initiatives being used to keep workers safe. All winners were required to wear personal protective equipment; including gloves, goggles, safety boots, hard hats and high visibility vests.   

Daniel Steffe, Marketing Director, Greenhill Resources, said: ‘We are developing this mall for the community, so ensuring that we are meeting their needs is a priority for us. Connecting with local residents through competitions like this is a great way to interact with our future shoppers, and being able to give the winners an experience that people don’t normally get was very rewarding.’

Low Jer Ming, one of the competition winners said of the tour: ‘I was really pleased to win the Setia City Mall competition. Being one of the first customers to explore the new mall was a lot of fun, and a very special experience.’

Other winner, Khoo Yeong Yih said: ‘I am really looking forward to the opening of Setia City Mall, so being able to explore it while it’s still under construction was really cool.’

Setia City Mall is being developed by a joint venture between S P Setia and the Asian Retail Investment Fund, a fund managed by the investment arm of international property developer Lend Lease.

Parkson, Golden Screen Cinemas, Urbanfresh, Wangsa Bowl and Harvey Norman will be the mall’s main attractions, who will be complemented by over 200 local and international stores, a number of large format retailers and a public park. It will also offer efficient access to over 2,500 car parks and will be easily connected to nearby roads, towns and major highways.

Setia City Mall is set to dramatically enhance the area’s shopping and leisure offer and will provide broad appeal to draw customers from across Malaysia, with a focus on the wider Klang Valley. The mall will open in mid 2012.