Outlet Name : Big Apple Donuts & Coffee Setia City Mall
Lot No : L2-08
Contact No. : 603-9019 8236

BIG APPLE Donuts & Coffee serves up some of the most alluring flavours when it comes to donuts and coffee. Its wide selection of donuts are served fresh and tender warm, with texture that is irresistibly fluffy soft. And with a choice of tantalising coffees and a charming variety of tea creations to go with, one can easily wander through the gates of ‘gourmet paradise’.

BIG APPLE’s signature donut qualities come from a unique premix formula with a blend of over 20 ingredients. Top that with a creative approach to complementing flavours, here is where legendary donuts are born.

Having won numerous coveted awards for quality, global growth, reliable business system, top leadership and management, BIG APPLE Donuts & Coffee is enjoyed throughout South East Asia and is one of the fastest growing brands in the region today.

For more info, log in http://www.bigappledonuts.com/

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