Outlet Name : Gintell
Lot No : LG58
Contact No. : -

GINTELL was founded in 1996 and today it has become one of the leading healthcare chain stores in Malaysia, offering comprehensive healthcare products in massage chair, massage bed, fitness and slimming equipment. GINTELL’s concept store offers sophisticated and innovative products for modern healthy lifestyle; ranging from massage chairs, massage beds, treadmills, slimming machines and fitness equipment. The company believes investing in quality products to focus on enriching people’s life with innovative features besides providing convenience of healthcare right at your own home with the most affordable pricing. GINTELL being certified as a national record holder! GINTELL has recognised as “Largest Health Care Products Chain Stores” amongst the “Best of the Nation” by Malaysia Books of Records in 2015. Other than that, GINTELL also awarded with the “Most Promising Award” by The Star Business Awards (SOBA) 2014, it has also won the “SME Brand Excellence Award 2014” by SME recognition Award 2014, Malaysia Most Impactful Awards (MMIA) 2014 and Golden Eagle Award 2014 - Excellence Eagle Award.

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