Outlet Name : Penang TeoChew Chendul
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Category : F&B - FOOD HALL
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It was established out of love for family when its founder, Tan TeikFuang, learned how to make it and began selling Chendul at Penang Road back in 1936. By the year 1977, Tan TeikFuang's sixth son - Tan Chong Kim fully took charge of improving their business. Having a business minded and innovative will, he continued developing theirproduct quality while maintaining its authenticity and providing fast and friendly service. True enough, the favorite local dessert has become popular while its original location is still found at LebuhKengKwee and only later known as Penang Road Famous TeoChewChendul. Today, Mr. Tan Chong Kim together with his family is living its legacy to bring simple happiness by providing the best and freshest Chendul to their customers.