Outlet Name : Pho Hoa
Lot No : LG37a (Outside of East Entrance to the Left)
Contact No. : (03) 3358 3659

Originating from USA, Pho Hoa is one of the largest Vietnamese Noodle Soup Chain in the World. With over 28 years of history, the Restaurant network consists of over 70 outlets in USA, Canada, Singapore, Philippines, South Korea, Malaysia, Macau and Indonesia.

Pho Hoa offers a substantially uniform menu consisting of authentic Vietnamese Beef/Chicken/Seafood/Vegetarian noodle soups, Grilled Chicken Rice & Vermicelli favourites, Vietnamese Steamboat, Appetizers, Salads, Desserts and an assortment of Drinks along with a unique Vietnamese Drip Coffee to complete the meal.

Pho Hoa prides itself on the use of good quality raw ingredients. Our tag line 'The Health Conscious Choice' exemplifies that we use ingredients with low fat content and well-balance nutrients that is in line with current worldwide concerns of the need to have a healthy diet.
Also, as a Quick Service Restaurant Chain, we believe that the customers are our guests and deserve prompt, friendly, and courteous service.
In doing so, Pho Hoa has gained much praise internationally as one of the nutritious alternative among other fast food and quick service restaurant chains.

For more info, log in http://www.phohoa.com/index.html


Opening Promotion

- 6/18/2012

15% discount off the total bill with a minimum spend of RM60.00 .