Outlet Supervisor

  • Full Time
  • LG-161

Just You Dessert Café

016-604 5032

Job Description :

  1. Responsible for overseeing the daily operation of a retail store
  2. Managing Staff and Staff Training
  3. Customer service (Addressing customer request, comment and complaints)
  4. Controlling the quality of products and services
  5. Overseeing cashier, keeping records of expenditure, sales figures and employee performance
  6. Manage F&B inventory
  7. Implementing measures to avoid stock damages and wastage

Job Requirement :

  1. Must have minimum 3 years experience in F&B industry
  2. Must have Experience in a supervisory /leadership at a retail store
  3. Exceptional interpersonal skills in dealing with employees and customers
  4. Must be able to work during weekend and holiday

To apply for this job email your details to Hoongtat10@gmail.com